Nike Rise 2.0

We give a one lifetime chance to young ballers to challenge their potential. Mentored by Kobe, LeBron, Kyrie and Paul George, it’s the chance that young ballers dreamt for, the goal that young ballers train for.

It combined storytelling and technology perfectly to create an impactful campaign:
7 documentary episodes,
4 NBA super stars mentoring,
3 interactive LED courts, and an ultimate coach tool.
I had the chance to write its TV script, OOH headlines, website copy, social post, banners… and even Kobe (R.I.P Black Mamba🐍) & LeBron's speech.

7 Episodes Rise Documentary

Key Visual

Coach Tool
We also designed a coach tool and training system for the interactive court and ballers. It's one of the most rewarding campaigns I've done, and also let me realize that I can do something for millions of Chinese ballers.

I was so touched when I saw those young ballers run through the tunnel and look back at the copy that I wrote on the wall. It shows that advertising can become much bigger than advertising.

Role: Copywriter