New Balance Summer 2023 Every Foot Deserves

To launch the New Balance FuelCell SC Trainer V2, we created a campaign that inspires people to rethink carbon plate shoes. 

“Every Foot Deserve” represents our point of view on how we think about running and innovation: When it comes to running, everyone is equal, and so should running shoes. Carbon shoes should not be exclusive for elite runners, everyone deserves it. Based on this strategy, we created a series of visuals and film to let consumers feel that New Balance respects every runner.

In the anthem film, we made a pair of FuelCell SC Trainer V2 as the hero and let the shoes do the talk. From the perspective of shoes, it tells the story of how it helps different runners to enjoy running.  Whether you are pursuing faster speed or just running for fun, FuelCell SC Trainer V2 will run with you all the way.

Key Visual


Role: Creative Director