Black Toes Running Team

Kobe said the best way to inspire the next generation of athletes is through stories.

I agree and believe every runner has their own story to tell. That’s the start-line of the Black Toes Running Team(BTRT).

Black toes are a common sports injury, it happens when there’s too much friction between your toes and shoes. We take it as a self-commitment and dedication to our goal. It’s the legacy of hard training,  the proof of relentless pursuit.

7 runners from Beijing, Nanjing, and Shanghai, and all members’ PB are sub 330. When other run clubs make events, we tell the runner's story through different ways such as podcast, film and products, etc.

5 years ago, people thought running boring and tough. Black Toes Running Team came to change that opinion.
5 years later, people think running is cool and runners love to join a random running club to get sponsored by brands, Black Toes Running Team goes another way.

We #RunIndependently.

Podcast - BTRT Talk

A podcast that tells runners’ stories.
A platform that bridges different running communities.
From Olympic medalist to beginner, from OG to recreational runner,
I hold the mic and invite runners to tell their own stories.

Product - Black Wrist

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of BTRT, We made a gift to ourselves.
Handmade by Kenyan craftsman, tested in Hood To Coast, black toes on the feet, black wrist on the hands.
In this team, no one runs alone.

Product - Hood To Coast Racing Pack